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So you think Klons are over hyped?

Have you ever thought, ” ohhhhh there are sooooo many Klon Klones out there… It’s getting ridiculous.” With it’s semi large hoof print and transparent tones, It is a pretty sweet overdrive. Having personally played one and a couple of Klones, Id say it’s right up there with the best of them. The hype is real. Clones or Klones are becoming more and more popular. But Let me introduce you to the old kid on the block: Continue reading “So you think Klons are over hyped?”

Strymon DIG Dual Delay

As a recent Strymon convert, let me start off saying for the LONGEST I had the mind set of many others of “avoiding Strymon because of the hype.” (sorry Strymon guys if you read this for “old me” being like that…) Also, to be honest, they’re expensive for effects pedals.

So now let me try to convince you other wise. Let’s take the subject of delays for this with a backstory of my personal history of delays: Continue reading “Strymon DIG Dual Delay”

NGW: New Gear Week

This last week has certainly been an interesting on for me in the world of gear. I really don’t think I’ve done this flipping/selling/trading/buying/whatever since I’ve been playing guitar.

Saturday or Sunday my favorite Guitar Shop in town, Revolve Music Shop, got in a ’76 Gibson Explorer Reissue and posted it on Craigslist. Natural Finish of course! I knew I had to get it because lets face it, it’ll be a while before I get my hands on a real 1976.  At the time I owned a Black Explorer that I just Continue reading “NGW: New Gear Week”

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