Carters Talk Tone

Summer Namm 2017 Part 1

This was the first year we actually got to go to Summer NAMM under the Carters Talk Tone name. Which, at least to us, was a big deal. I feel it opened so many doors for us and we hopefully have a few things in the works. I didn’t get as many as I had liked but we made plenty of connections and got info on new products. This post and the next is some of the highlights and things that stood out to me.  Continue reading “Summer Namm 2017 Part 1”


Summer NAMM 2017: Taylor Guitars

Summer NAMM 2017: Walrus Audio ARP-87

Colt is always a hoot to talk to! If you get the chance to meet him at a show, do it!

Summer NAMM 2017: Creation Music Company

Carters Talk Tonecast Episode 3: Ian Rosenthal & METAL!

Carters Talk Tonecast Episode two: Summer Updates

Carters Talk Tonecast: Interview with Andrew Nordine | Episode 1

JHS Colour Box Demo Playlist

Sinasoid Cables Unboxing Video

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