Carters Talk Tone has always strived to do something a little different with our demos. These packages are based on us still being kind of new to the gear demo community. Since we’re still new to the demo community, we’ve based the options on what we believe we can provide for you, the builder. At the bottom of the page there are some examples of our demos. If you have any questions or want to work with us, please email us at


Cost: Totally up to you. If you just want us to try the product and return it, we can work out a time frame you’d like the product back. If you want the product to act as a type of payment or give us a discount on the product, we can work with that too.

Full length (3-5+ min.) demo and/or review (depending on the type of product)


Email us at to discuss options.


If you have products that you feel could benefit Carters Talk Tone in the production or help the quality of demos, beyond what just a standard demo could do, or just want to help us out somehow, we’d love to hear from you too. This would include a sponsored demo and review if a product is involved, mention that your company sponsored the video, include a sponsor spot in our podcast, and a spot on a list of sponsors that support Carters Talk Tone.

Here are some video examples:


See more videos on this site or check out our youtube: