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Our Interview with Will Tucker


On Thursday June 2nd, we here at Carters Talk Tone got the opportunity to interview Memphis’ very own Will Tucker!



Will Tucker was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He started out by playing drums at 5 and guitar at 12. Two years later at the age of 14 Will Tucker began playing at B.B Kings, in fact he was opening up for B.B King himself. Continue reading “Our Interview with Will Tucker”

Is Tone Really in the Fingers?

The question, expression, declaration, or however it gets said seems to make its round about once a week on social media. It usually turns into an argument and the post gets deleted, people get banned, and the world implodes a little more on itself. This post is going to more of one man’s opinion and not a who’s right and who’s wrong. Okay, that may be a lie…

This will probably be a bit random and off the wall but hey, I wrote this late at night.

Let me jump right into this by asking the question, why does my tone change when Continue reading “Is Tone Really in the Fingers?”

Bono on Christian Music: Realism. Even when it hurts like hell

This post combines two subjects that I felt relate to each other very well. So if it seems scattered, read all the way through and hopefully it will all make sense.

Disclaimer: There are some words that may offend sensitive ears. You’ve been warned. Continue reading “Bono on Christian Music: Realism. Even when it hurts like hell”

Why Do I have to prove I’m a Musician?

In recent years with the rise of social media, the rise of groups on Facebook talking about gear have also begun to rise. You can’t shake a stick without poking the proverbial gear talking bear. Yes Ivan has bear now. Including my little gear corner of the internet. I’m nothing special.

In one group in particular, there are people who have obviously rose to popularity/have become respected members of the community who you just don’t question and you respect their opinions usually without question. Continue reading “Why Do I have to prove I’m a Musician?”

So you think Klons are over hyped?

Have you ever thought, ” ohhhhh there are sooooo many Klon Klones out there… It’s getting ridiculous.” With it’s semi large hoof print and transparent tones, It is a pretty sweet overdrive. Having personally played one and a couple of Klones, Id say it’s right up there with the best of them. The hype is real. Clones or Klones are becoming more and more popular. But Let me introduce you to the old kid on the block: Continue reading “So you think Klons are over hyped?”

Oh Snap! Shots fired! Kirk Hammett….

Well, Kirk Hammet, guitarist for the band Metallica, went out on a limb made the statement that he thinks his pedal company is “the first time you’ll see a pedal company being driven by an actual guitar player.” on twitter this week. I haven’t met many pedal company owners but I’m pretty sure the ones I’ve made acquaintances with, play guitar. In fact, I’ve seen them play. I’d also bet that the first person who Continue reading “Oh Snap! Shots fired! Kirk Hammett….”

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