This is part two of our previous post of stuff that stood out.


Delays seemed to be the big thing this year. And as some of you know I was on the hunt for a new delay. JHS brought out a reissue of the Pink Panther, Seymour Duncan had the Andromeda delay, Chase Bliss had the Red Knob Mod Tonal Recall (longer delay time among other things), Walrus Audio and the ARP-87, and Wampler Pedals teased Ultimately I think I’ve decided on the Pink Panther and the ARP-87. Yes two delays… don’t judge…


Pelican Noiseworks and 60 Cycle Hum: The Guitar Podcast teamed up to bring us The 50/50. It’s a stackable DOD 250 circuit with some clipping options. And in my opinion, It sounds better than the original and I’m kind of tempted to pick one up. And I’m not a huge fan of 250s.


The Cusack burrito holder… Genius…


I didn’t get to get my hands on a Serek Bass but we may be getting one in to demo. So fingers crossed on that one. I love the look of their short scale basses. And yes, that is a bass P90 pickup!


Finally got to hear the Plus Sustain pedal for Electric Instruments in person. Pretty cool idea and there’s a lot you can do with it. it even has an effects loop!



Got to see The Gulf from Swindler Effects. Despite it looking like a delay, it’s actually a tap tempo chorus. Yes I was a little in shock too but in a way it makes sense.



I should have written everything or actually recorded my talk with the guy who built this because all i can remember is that the top buttons are pickups on and off, bottom buttons are effects on and off (built in fuzz and two other effects), and the joy stick is volume or tone depending on which way you push it.



And then here’s some other cool stuff from the likes of Hungry Robot Pedals, Porter Guitars, Kauer Guitars, and Hammer Guitars.