This was the first year we actually got to go to Summer NAMM under the Carters Talk Tone name. Which, at least to us, was a big deal. I feel it opened so many doors for us and we hopefully have a few things in the works. I didn’t get as many as I had liked but we made plenty of connections and got info on new products. This post and the next is some of the highlights and things that stood out to me. 

Fender is releasing a few new signature models: a George Harrison Telecaster, Brad Paisley Telecaster (finally), and a Jimi Hendrix Strat. I personally really like the finish on the Brad Paisley. And apparently Fender didn’t release last years new Mustang/Duo Sonic reissues in a sunburst, so they did this year.

Epiphone is releasing a “$99 Les Paul.” Or $120 on Sweetwater… The official name is the Les Paul SL. It felt really good and I believe it would make a great modding platform for the experienced player as well as the perfect first guitar. As long as it stays under $150, I could see picking this up one weekend and seeing whats under the hood and swap pickups from GFS every so often just to play around with different things.

Peavey released a new line up of USA made guitars, but what really got my attention was the tube tube.IMG_0531

And this is our friend Jim…IMG_0472

EHX has some cool offerings coming later this year. They have a stereo compressor/limiter called the Platform. It’s a compressor with a drive channel as well as a swell setting. I see this maybe being popular with worship musicians. They’re also releasing some expression pedals and a full wah pedal version of the Cocked Wah/Fuzz. Also caught Ryan of 60 Cycle Hum in the act

I’ve got to give some credit to Boot from B. A. Ferguson Guitars for getting the “classic” P90/humbucker pickup combo right! I’ve always said the P90 belonged in the bridge and someone finally did it! The play really well too and have some affordable options.

Synergy Amps are bringing back the concept of modular amps back and this time including modules from Morgan, Freedman, Ect. They seem really promising and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to try a couple of them.

64 Audio is releasing the MagPack this fall. It’s a wired inear pack with some extra features. The Maglock style plug takes away the risk of wired packs snagging something.

Coppersound Pedals had their new Polaris chorus at SNAMM.