Barefoot Buttons. Also known as the Barefoot Buttons of buttons in some circles. They’re this cool little aluminum button that screws on to the foot switches of pedals. The idea behind these are to

A. making your switches easier to step on when not wearing shoes

B. make a larger target for you to hit.


In my time with them, Barefoot Buttons have helped with both of these. I haven’t been able to play out of the house much lately so a lot of my time has been spent at home playing barefoot and I always hated trying to step on some of my pedals just because the switch was stiff. This is easily one of those products that even if you don’t think you’ll need it, there’s a big chance you’ll find a use for them. For me personally, my first one went straight on my Tap Tempo switch.


Overall these are VERY good quality. They will collect scratches over time but unless you’re throwing your pedals across the parking lot, they should last you a very long time. I, and everyone I know that has them, have loved ours and always highly recommend them to anyone. I’ve owned some for around 6 months and I’ve never had one fail on me so I can 100% say there has been no negatives with Barefoot Buttons at all.

Check them out and get one here:

We are also thinking of having more custom ones made if there’s enough interest in them. If you would be interested, shoot us an email at and we will put a list together! money would be going back into our content. Especially with NAMM coming up in a few months.