The Sound Parcel Pro program is a nice step up from the standard account type. Some of the benefits include, 20% OFF all rentals for the year, All rentals ship FREE, One complimentary gear rental, A FREE gift at time of sign-up. You get all that for $59 a year.

For the couple of months I’ve been under Pro, it’s been a very nice experience. On top of the 20% off, I’ve gotten some extra cost off of my last rental with “Sound Parcel Tokens that I’ve earned. I think that, if anything, sets it apart from other rental services. Shipping both ways is covered. Which for $59 pays for itself in less than 2 months.

Even before I was given the Pro Account, I had no issue with Sound Parcel. I’d probably still be using even without the Pro benefits.

If you’re  interested in trying Pro or even just standard, use the code “ccarter10” to get $10 off your first rental.