I’ve always been a little skeptical of cables. Like how much difference could there really be? Well, In recent years, and more so in the last couple of weeks, that got answered. 

The Lincoln Heritage Series Route 30 XLR surprised me a bit. I’ve only ever worked with the chepo cables that you or your *insert place that has FOH sound* gets for $15 or $20. Or if you’re like me, the $5 Amazon special if you’re on a budget… The first thing I noticed when I took the cable out of the box was the overall build quality.

The stuff you get at the lower price points always feel stiff. And therefore feel like you’d break them if you tried to round a corner of roll it up too tight. The Lincoln Route 30 felt like it had already kind of been broken in to where it’d go where I needed it to go in the studio and not get in the way. I mean one of the things mentioned on the product page was the “Superb Flexibility.” So it lived up to that. Can I get this in a 1/4″ version? Haha!

Here are some technical notes on the cable:

  • Double Reussen Shielding for RFI resistance
  • More neutral and more detailed midrange reproduction.
  • The three conductors consists of 96 strands of LCOF 0.05mm copper wires resulting in improved flexibility, better signal transport and longer flex-life.

Now to put that for those of us that aren’t as familiar with the technical side of things but have ears. I did notice more clarity in my recordings and to be honest, everything sounded better. For the audio examples in the video below, I had an AC30 miced with a 609 into my interface. Normally I’d have to EQ my guitar to get it to sound like what it did in the room but I didn’t have to touch anything when I miced with this cable.

Over all I was pretty impressed. Price is about what you’d see higher end store brands or other boutique cables go for and this would be at the top of my recommendation list . So if you’re in the market for some better XLR cables, grab a couple of these and try them out for yourself!

Get yours here: https://thesoundparcel.co/collections/cables/products/lincoln-route-30-microphone-cable