Gear Supply Co recently reached out to me about reviewing their new Vintage Modern Strings. The claims are as follows from their site:

” They feature high nickel content, which results in a delightfuly smooth sound and feel, rich harmonic overtones, and tasty vintage warmth. We balance this out with Iron, to produce a high magnetic output, a modern upper mid-presence that provides extra note separation and clarity, and a mid-tension string.”

So if this sounds a lot like Ernie Ball Cobalts, youd basically be right. My experience with the EBs left me glad that a friend that worked at Guitar Center got me them and I didnt pay for them. The GSC’s actually live up to the claims though. I noticed a bit more output, clarity, and warmth. I didn’t notice much change in playability / feel. Still felt like my old strings. But in a good way.

So I could add these to my list of highly reccomended strings to try. Get a set here: