I tried Stringjoy on a whim because they bought some sponsorships on the gear podcast 60 Cycle Hum and Ryan and Steve had so far liked what they had tried. So I emailed them to see what would work best for my Explorer and be really comfortable. Scott suggested trying a ballenced lowend and try half guages for the top E and B. I took that suggestion and added a wound G since I’ve never had one on electric before. I put the set on the night before a gig (probably a mistake in some eyes), but I did not regret it. Lowend really did feel more ballenced and the higher end seemed more comfortable to play with the added thinckness.

The people Stringjoy would be perfect for are people who don’t seem to get everything they want out of a standard music store pickup set. I’ve never fully been satisfied with predetermaned sets of strings. So getting a set that could be perfect for you is well worth the little extra price tag.

Overall they seem to be top notch strings and Stringjoy is semi local to me in Nashville so naturally I had to try them out eventually. And if you’re unsure of what to try, they are more than willing to help you figure out what might work for you!