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November 2016

Stringjoy Review

I tried Stringjoy on a whim because they bought some sponsorships on the gear podcast 60 Cycle Hum and Ryan and Steve had so far liked what they had tried. So I emailed them to see what would work best for my Explorer and be really comfortable. Scott suggested  Continue reading “Stringjoy Review”

Matthews Effects Architect Overdrive Demo

Overall Ive enjoyed the couple of weeks with the Architect. So much so that it’s replacing my Archer on my main board. The Clipping switch is a nice addition to the Klon-esk tone with the down position putting you more into tubescreamer territory. I could really see someone who isn’t sure if they want a Klon Klone or Tubescreamer type drive Continue reading “Matthews Effects Architect Overdrive Demo”

Xvive Golden Brownie Distortion Review and Demo

I feel like I need to be up front with you on this one. At this point Ive been working with Xvive about doing reviews and demos of products they send me and are in the talks of an endorsment / artist deal. And by the sounds of the terms, it seems like its mostly just helping them spread the word and help revamp product manuals and descriptions. So with all that being said, I’m not going to only point out positives for this and future Xvive products. I’ll do my best to keep the reviews honest.

Now the review. Continue reading “Xvive Golden Brownie Distortion Review and Demo”

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