I’m not 100% sure of the exact year my DC-2 is, but I feel like I remember 1985? Maybe it’s just because its the middle of the decade or the Bowling For Soup song… I have an 83 TS9 and 87 TS10 so I don’t think it’s from the same year as either of those. But I’ve gotten the dates of my vintage gear mixed up all the time so… Oh well.

I really don’t see how much simpler a chorus pedal could be. Even a one knob gives you whatever is between 1 and 10. Or 11 if choruses do that…

To be honest, I didn’t really jive with the DC-2 at first. I honestly bought it because I was on a vintage effects kick and I got a good deal on it. But after I let a guy at church use it for my churches album, I started to like it since I heard it played by someone other than myself.

I mostly use it to fill in space for ambient sounds. 2 is my favorite setting and 3 was used in the recording above on the lead guitar from what I was told. Anyway hope you enjoy the demo!