Honestly, I won this in the 60 Cycle Hum Wheel of Pedals so I know very little about this pedal. The most information I got was from a sell listing on reverb telling what the controls were. Anyway, 

I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve actually switched out a boost that’s been on my board for the last 8 or 9 years. I figured I’d switch a single knob boost for a boost with some different clipping and EQ options. So we’ll see how that goes once I get my board put back together.

The controls are:

Master Volume.

Switches from left to right:
Edge; a non adjustable light clipping of the signal, just right.
Up is clipping on, down is pure clean signal boost.

Bass; the pedal cuts the bass just enough so there’s no flab in the distorted channels you are over driving. Flip it up for full signal gain.

Treble;Cut the treble to smooth the top end, three positions. Very useful if the Edge switch is engaged. ‘Center off’ switch for no top end cut.