I had been eyeballing the Bellwether for a little over a year (Mid 2015) and I think my first time playing one was at the Nashville Music Gear Expo in November 2015. Colt showed me the ins and out and pretty much had me sold vs the original big name player Man that I had wanted and it’s less powerful Boy that I had owned.

So far I have really enjoyed the Bellwether compared to the other analog delays I’ve owned. Others have a gain knob and tend to get too dirty where the Bellwether stays clean since it only has an effect level. The level knob goes from barely audible to more or less unison as you’ll hear in the demo.

Since I’ve never had a delay with an effects loop, I may have gone a little crazy in the demo trying out different things. My favorites were probably a wah, reverb and fuzz. Separately of course! I could see myself getting something like the Hotone Xtomp or Zoom MS-50G to keep in the loop. Space wise I personally don’t think I could justify a Line 6 M5 or M9 even though they are good units. But If I had one laying around, maybe. I’d highly recommend trying out some different pedals for yourself if you have some extras laying around in your collection.

So with all that being said, I’ll let the video say the rest and highly suggest the Bellwether if you’re in the market for a tap tempo analog delay.