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October 2016

Update and String Joy Strings Teaser

Things have been going really good for us it seems. We’ve been making connections and have gotten on a steady upload schedule. As I say that, our recording schedule has been wonky due to my day job. Hence the short video and mostly an update post.

Like I mentioned in the video, We’ve been updating the studio space. I got a hold of a mic preamp and AKG p420 so I can start giving a quick reviews in the videos. We’re also teasing with the ideas of a podcast. Not sure if it will take off but we’ve been wanting to try for the last two years even before CTT was a thing.

Now the strings. I will be doing a more in depth review of the String Joy strings soon, but I’d highly recommend giving a custom set a try. I got mine with a wound G and balanced low end and it made a big difference in how comfortable my Explorer played. Scott also sent me a set of his new  “Natural Bronze” series of acoustic strings that come out in November to try out.

As always, for those that have have been following us lately. Your support has been awesome!


Danelectro DJ17 PB and J Delay Pedal Review and Demo

Honestly, the PB&J is a cool little digital delay. For a entry level delay, this was honestly better than some $100-$200 delays I’ve tried. “Long” acts as a more normal delay and “Short” seems like it’d be good for Rockabilly or older County. The only negative is Continue reading “Danelectro DJ17 PB and J Delay Pedal Review and Demo”

1980s Boss Dimension C DC-2 Chorus Demo and Review

I’m not 100% sure of the exact year my DC-2 is, but I feel like I remember 1985? Maybe it’s just because its the middle of the decade or the Bowling For Soup song… I have an 83 TS9 and 87 TS10 so I don’t think it’s from the same year as either of those. But I’ve gotten the dates of my vintage gear mixed up all the time so… Oh well.

I really don’t see how much simpler a chorus pedal could be. Even a one knob gives you whatever is between 1 and 10. Or 11 if choruses do that…

Continue reading “1980s Boss Dimension C DC-2 Chorus Demo and Review”

Vertical Amplifiers Arrowhead Boost Review and Demo

Honestly, I won this in the 60 Cycle Hum Wheel of Pedals so I know very little about this pedal. The most information I got was from a sell listing on reverb telling what the controls were. Anyway,  Continue reading “Vertical Amplifiers Arrowhead Boost Review and Demo”

Walrus Audio Bellwether Review and Demo

I had been eyeballing the Bellwether for a little over a year (Mid 2015) and I think my first time playing one was at the Nashville Music Gear Expo in November 2015. Colt showed me the ins and out and pretty much had me sold vs the original big name player Man that I had wanted and it’s less powerful Boy that I had owned.

So far I have really Continue reading “Walrus Audio Bellwether Review and Demo”

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