“They’re more than just plectrums,they’re the re-ignition of passion and deliverance of your true artistic power.”

The Legio Ferrata Series is the newest offering from Iron Age Guitar Accessories. They are handcrafted from an extremely resilient thermoplastic. I got the Spearhead because I am used to that shape from them. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since Ive only really used Tortex and wood picks. When it arrived, I immediately opened the package and tried it out. First thing I noticed tone and action wise was an improved brighter attack from their wood Spearhead and even my standard picks I normally use. I also noticed a bit more control

This was also one of the more comfortable picks I’ve used. My wrists and hands have a history of flaring up in pain from years of music, video gaming, and IT work. Before you worry I have had it looked at. So I’m not fully sure if it was constructed to be this super ergonomically designed pick or if it was just the added thickness that personally felt more comfortable in my hands. It makes me want to try out the CENTURION PICK from the Legio Ferrata Series.

I’m not going to call the $30 price tag a negative because this is a hand crafted guitar pick and the feel is like nothing else I’ve tried. But I know that might turn people off to it. So with that being said, If you don’t have a habit of losing picks, give this a try. If you do lose picks and a pack off 100 only lasts a week, buy something to keep this thing in!