The Forester is a clone of the rare Boss FA-1 preamp famously used by The Edge of U2. So warning, there will be a a lot of U2 licks to show that off. This Forester Preamp was custom made for us by the guys at Midnight 30. They have an option to have custom finishes so go check it out at: Forester Preamp.

I’ve Had this for almost a month now and have used it on some of the instrumental covers I’ve done. Link to playlist: CTT Covers. So I can fully say I like the results that it puts out! Hopefully you can tell this in the video, but it adds some clarity and a bit more sparkle into the tone. Once I get my board put back together this will be the first pedal in my chain and an always on tone shaper.

BTW, the pedal art work was put together by our friend Shawn since I dont have good Photoshop skills!