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September 2016

Iron Age Guitar Accessories: Legio Ferrata Series

“They’re more than just plectrums,they’re the re-ignition of passion and deliverance of your true artistic power.”

The Legio Ferrata Series is the newest offering from Iron Age Guitar Accessories. They are handcrafted from an extremely resilient thermoplastic. I got the Spearhead because Continue reading “Iron Age Guitar Accessories: Legio Ferrata Series”

Midnight 30 Forester Preamp (FA-1)

The Forester is a clone of the rare Boss FA-1 preamp famously used by The Edge of U2. So warning, there will be a a lot of U2 licks to show that off. This Forester Preamp was custom made for us by the guys at Midnight 30. They have an option to have custom finishes so go check it out at: Forester Preamp.

I’ve Had this for almost a month now and Continue reading “Midnight 30 Forester Preamp (FA-1)”

Resuggan Audio

The Tabula Rasa (white Pedal) is a FET based “blank slate” overdrive. Continue reading “Resuggan Audio”

Checkered Pedals

Checkered Pedals is a cool little company out of Olive Branch, Mississippi making built to order custom pedals. I owned  Continue reading “Checkered Pedals”

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