Day three. The last and final day on this journey. We mainly spent today catching up on last minute interviews and product demos, hanging with friends, and trying to enjoy the show without a 30 pound backpack weighing us down!

We first stopped in with Alexander Pedals to check out their line of pedals. I was very impressed with their new Space Expander reverb. It has three modes, Plate, Spring, and Analog. And their Jubilee Silver Overdrive has to be one of the best Marshall in a box pedals I’ve heard.IMG_7272.JPG

I’ve kind of kept up with Rock Stock Pedals for about a year or so. Their Raven OD is a pretty faithful and better 808 circuit. I guess if it’s better it’s not really “faithful”… They also have a cool little USB “pedal” that can power an included LED light and charge mobile devices including iPads. I specifically asked about that since I know they take a higher power draw. So it might be looking into if you regularly use iPads for sheet music for gigs or whatever. IMG_3816

Lastly, LaRose Guitars. If you’ve only seen pictures of these guitars, then you’re not getting the full experience. They’ve been one of the most beautiful guitar brands I’ve seen. These are just two of the guitars they had at their booth. The one on the left is an all mahogany body and curly mahogany top with Lollar Pickups. The guitar on the right was hand done by the owner / builders wife. I literally stared at it for a good minute or two. It was so well done. Like I said, they’re one of the prettiest guitars I’ve seen and they take very good pride in their work.

Stay tuned over the next week and we’ll have more on the way for you!