Day Two. MAN!! After a rough nights sleep we took on the day and jumped right on into the swing of all that is NAMM. We got our hands on a few new things and got to talk to some of our favorite companies about their products. We’ll Have individual posts up about those soon! For now here’s some highlights of things we saw today.

The Ernie Ball James Valentine signature guitar is one thing my wife wanted us to look at while we were at NAMM. I sat down to play it and I have to say, it felt good. Wasn’t too heavy and the neck fit felt very natural in my hands at least.

All I can say on the Matthews Effects Cosmonaut and Astronomer 1.5 right now is, good job Rick! The Cosmonaut is his new modulated reverb. Very lush sounding. The Astronomer v. 1.5 is the same as the previous version but with more shimmer on tap. Resized_20160624_110524

I’m not sure if too many people have heard of Option Knob. Ive been a bit of a fan for years and got to check out some of their new products. They’re just a simple knob that attaches to the pot on your pedal, guitar, or whatever you may find yourself needing to tweak a knob on with you foot or hand. IMG_3872

The Evolution Guitar. I actually spent a bit of time with these guys since the concept of their product intrigued me. I mentioned this in my pre-NAMM post but it’s a modular guitar that you can swap faceplates that have different pickups in them. Pretty cool deal for smaller studios that might not be able to have a few good guitars on hand. You’d just need one guitar, a few different faceplates and you’d be good to go. I was pleasantly surprised about the tone and sustain considering the uniqueness of the build of the guitar. I went in not know what to expect but now I look forward to seeing where this company may be going! I got an interview with them so we’ll have that up soon walking you through what they are exactly.

Be sure to check back soon as I’ll be writing up some more focused posts on Creation Music Company, Walrus Audio, and a few others!