Today started our three day trek of all that is Summer NAMM! We saw some really cool products so we figured we’d share a few of them with you.

First we actually got to see Copper Sound Pedals in person. They look so cool and sound great. They’ve got a few quirky things like a telegraph styled kill switch and a flashlight in a pedal inclosure! Two very different things that you just don’t see often.


Next Fender had a few cool new things for Summer NAMM / the year in general. The Edge Strat of course that they announced back in January. Feels good but I didn’t really get a chance to play it. Sad day for this U2 fan… They also brought out a Pete Townshend signature Strat. Duo Sonics and a few other classic offsets are getting new “updated models. Plus some beautiful custom shop models like the pictured Koa top. So it seems like a solid year of announcements for Fender.

Quick mention before I wrap this up because my battery is dying on my laptop and there’s no power outlets in the room at our airbnb…. I’ve never been too drawn to Michael Kelly guitars but this orange beauty caught my eye and I looked at it every time we passed the booth! IMG_3788

I’ll have a bit more for tomorrow evening and Saturday after I have some interviews and revisit some booths! So stick with us and if you want us to visit in depths with a company, let us know!