On Thursday June 2nd, we here at Carters Talk Tone got the opportunity to interview Memphis’ very own Will Tucker!



Will Tucker was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He started out by playing drums at 5 and guitar at 12. Two years later at the age of 14 Will Tucker began playing at B.B Kings, in fact he was opening up for B.B King himself.



Peavy Raptor, 60s Cherry Burst Les Paul and a Marshall MG100 Half Stack amp



Guitars: Mostly he uses a Gibson ES-345 and a 60s Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Reissue.

Pedal Board: He currently has a Temple board with Lava Solderless Cables and his chain goes in this order:

RC Booster  — 2 Hand Wired TS808 — Ernie Ball Jr VP — Fuzz Face — El Cap — Blue Sky

Amp: 1959 Fender Bassman Reissue

Strings: Ernie Ball Power Slinkys; 11s



Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert Collins, BB King, Jeff Healey.




“2. Well, if you want to get technical 3.”

“There is the Will Tucker Band. We are typically the band that plays at B.B Kings.”

“There is also just Will Tucker. The band is made up of myself, Andrew Smith, and Kyle and Harrison Neblett.”

“And THEN there is the Will Tucker Trio which is just the Nebletts and myself.”

Tucker also plays guitar and sometimes leads worship for Highpoint Church in Memphis, Tennessee.




Hopefully an EP by the end of 2016 and he will be on the show The Million Dollar Quartet. Will Tucker will be playing the roll of Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley’s Guitar Player. It will air sometime in November on CMT. We will update you on our Social Media when we have an exact release date.



Before the end of lunch we decided to ask Will Tucker some fun not as serious questions.


What are some songs that remind you of your childhood?

WT: Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC and My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion


Current Favorite Song?

WT: In To You by Ariana Grande


What are your favorite bands?

WT: Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers


If you could meet and jam with a musician dead or alive who would it be.

WT: Woah, that’s hard. But honestly if I had to choose it would be Dwayne Allman


If you were to get super big what would be your signature guitar.

WT: That is funny I have actually thought about that. I’m not a guy that’s into all the frills and things so maybe just a Gibson ES-335 or an Early 60s Strat with 62 pickups and a Tele mod.


How many shows have you played?

WT: It’s funny that you ask that as well I actually the other day counted up all the shows I have played at B.B Kings and it is over 800, other shows is a tad over 200, so a bit over 1000.




Will Tucker has 2 albums you can find them on Spotify and iTunes.

Stealing the Soul (2009)

Worth The Gamble (2015)

Huge thank you to Will Tucker for sitting down with us and giving us our first interview under Carters Talk Tone.