Almost a year ago I purchased some picks on a whim. This may not sound like anything too out of the norm for a guitar player, but these aren’t your normal picks. At the time Iron Age only made picks from Exotic woods and metal. Since then they’ve clearly been doing well and expanded to picks made of bone, horn, stone, carbon fiber, and standard picks.

I picked up the Rocker Combo Set which included an Indian Rosewood Thumb-Indented pick, Copper Metal, Coconut Shell Spearhead, Padauk  JazzIII, and a larger Tri-Pick. Let me lead this quote from their site, “these picks are not for everyone.” And I agree. Out of the five I received, I only really enjoyed two: the Spearhead and the larger Tri-pick. This is STRICTLY due to my playing style. All are very good quality and they obviously know what they are doing.

The Coconut Shell Spearhead felt the most comfortable to me. It has a bit of a natural thumb grove because of the way the shell wood is. This makes it a bit more easier to control. Still a bit of a learning curve but it’s not that much of one. I haven’t used it for a full “rocking” set yet, but I did use it through most of a rehearsal for a lower key set. Those were some of the better tones I’ve gotten out of my rig. The only reason I haven’t used it for a live set is because I still wasn’t used to the extra thickness (“Approximately 2.75mm thick & tapered down to 1mm on the striking edge.”) and stumbled over some note picking. UPDATE: After a few more months of using it in the studio, I’ve began using it for lead melodies on some covers. So honestly, I need to get me a set so I can begin using it live without the worry of losing the only one I have.

The Tri-Pick I received worked very well for bass. It’s a little more mellow in the attack since the edges are more rounded, but the tones are still a bit thicker overall tone than a standard pick. Which for me is a between a .73mm and .88mm and these are around 2-3mm I believe. I was totally okay with the slight lose of attack for the tone since I was competing with heavy low end from backing tracks. I’d totally be down for buying a few more of these for when I play bass. UPDATE: Since I got a bass of my own that has an active preamp, I’ve had no issues whatsoever.

I’ll eventually get around to ordering some more picks from Iron Age just to try them out or have a cool conversation piece since some of their stone picks are GORGEOUS. I mean seriously, they’re pretty enough I wouldn’t want to use them. Prices start around $5 for a single pick and sets are between $10 and $20ish.