I must say I was actually pleasantly surprised with this little guy. I mainly bought it as a gag gift to myself since one of my favorite video game series is Fallout and Fallout 4 had been out for a month or two. I told myself if it sucked it’d at least make a nice addition to my Fallout collection. BTW, My wife judged me on my reasoning for buying it. And for getting a blue knob to add to the effect… Like I said, gag gift.

Anyway, before I ordered, I figured this would be a crap pedal and would probably just sit on my board until I got a Memory Man or the Chase Bliss Tonal Recall came out and didn’t get my hopes up. When it came  the box looked… well… like some cheap import piece of crap. Pulled the pedal out, Plugged it in and WOW. Now, no, it wasn’t the best analog delay or delay in general I’ve tried. I mean it’s sitting next to a Strymon dig that’s ten times the price on my board. But, in its own way, it was good. Gets the job done and sounds decent.

After owning the Yellow Fall for a few months, I’ve figured out what some of the positives and negatives of this $35 pedal.

Positives: True Bypass. Good delay time range. Stays decently clear with the delay mixed in at 100%. Doesn’t seem to suck any tone.

Negatives:  It can get a little muddy but not as muddy as other mini pedals I’ve used. When I say little I mean not enough to make you rage quite the pedal. The foam junk on the bottom doesn’t come all the way off easily to attach Velcro. You will rage quit on that…

I’ve used the pedal with Electric, Bass, and acoustic and I can say it’s a good all around pedal for the money.