Spotify Playlist: Here

I’d like to lead of with telling you about a friend of ours, Andrew Nordine, that released a single in late April Called Come To The Table.  A very cool worship song with a bit of a country / Gospel feel depending on how you want to look at it.

I also found this pretty cool band called Pvris. They gave me a bit of a Paramore vibe with the female vocals but it was like everything you may have wished Paramore was for their style. I will say there’s some language so if you have sensitive ears, don’t listed to the full album. I believe the song in the playlist is okay. I’d honestly highly recommend listening to the entire White Noise album. I never got bored with any of it and I think I can say it’s on my list of albums I can listen to from beginning to end.

Another artist I found was Morgan Page under an “Acoustic EDM” playlist. Yeah I made the same face you probably did. Nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised. Good for some easy listening.

I’m hoping to make this more about lesser known artists or at least artists that are normally out of what I normally listen to that I discover. Sometimes it pays to have Spotify be in charge for once.