I had been debating on not posting this topic so I could keep a bad review off my site for as long as I could but I felt I needed to make people aware. I placed an order for a multi tap tempo switch on January 13th. The site stated that in stock items shipped withing 4 days and customs with in 7-10 days. I wasn’t sure which this fell under so I figured it would be about two weeks. Two weeks went by so I reached out to the “sales team” to check for an update on my order. Waited over the weekend, and nothing. I figured, One man shop, I’ll give it a few more days. Then I saw a post on the Nose Pedals website from the 23rd of January that they we’re behind. Ok, No biggie. I get it. Now we’re in the first week of February. Still no response from the owner. So I send another email, no reply. So I start to panic a little bit. One of those “oh great it finally happened to me” things. So I reach out to some Facebook groups to see if anyone’s had issues. Low and behold, people have had issues with lack of communication and lack of receiving product. Including this review from Texas Blues Alley (MY UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCE WITH NOSEPEDAL). At this point, I was kind of regretting not asking sooner or going with another company I’ve worked with before.

Another week and email later, I told the owned I was going to open a dispute with Paypal if I didn’t get an update in another week and stated that I really wanted to avoid going this route if at all possible. That week passed and I opened the dispute with Paypal. The next day I FINALLY received an email. At this point we’re plus or minus a month after ordering something that should have taken at most 10 days or at least an update. Arron, the owner, told me they were slammed, the pedal was “ready”, and that he’d ship the pedal once the claim was closed. Naturally trying not to be a sucker, I stood my ground and told him I’d be more comfortable at least getting tracking info before I closed the claim. He then said that “we cant ship out anything while claims are open. Thanks!! :)” Smile? Really? You’re not my best friend that forgot to do something or got busy and had to cancel guys night out but said “we can do it next week! :)” I had to open a claim with a international company just to get you to reply to me from your garage….

At that point I basically said screw it. If he’s not going to ship it, I’ll just my money back through Paypal. A week goes by (March 1st) and I get an email that my tap tempo I had ordered 6 weeks ago was being shipped and had a tracking number. It took a couple of days for the tracking number register but it finally did. I finally received the pedal. I was really skeptical of if it worked based of other experiences. I immediately unpacked it and tested it and thankfully it worked. Sadly at this point, I could care less about having it… I was so excited to get such a unique pedal and the whole experience just killed it…

Take this as you will. If this makes you rethink your order with Nose, save your time and I can suggest some other companies to go with. If you still want to chance it, you may get lucky. Otherwise get ready to play the waiting game.

EDIT 3/3/16: Aaron, the owner, contacted some of us that have had similar negative experiences via Facebook basically apologizing and trying to right the wrongs. While it was a nice gesture and he’s hired another hand around the shop,  I still say your main enemy here is going to be time. Since a lot of us were in one place, time and communication were the main issues everyone had. No one got “scammed” out of their money.