I don’t really have a halfway interesting backstory for this one…. So this will be more of a “how I use it” and over all opinion. All in all, I really just needed something that wasn’t a Tubescreamer. Plain and simple. I had two TS9s on my board and they kind of compressed each other out. So far The Archer has seemed to fix that. My gain section goes Boost > ’84 TS9 > Archer. I use the Archer as

a low gain drive / post gain boost for the TS9 or boost the Archer with the TS9 depending on how you want to look at it. The Archer is a Klon ish drive and as far as I can tell, it does that job pretty well.

Regardless of others opinions on it’s klon-ness, It is one of the best transparent drives I’ve tried. I haven’t had a complaint about it yet. It’s super smooth. Almost too smooth for but that’s just be cause I like a bit more “crunch” and chunk in my tone. Which the Archer can do, don’t get me wrong. Just my flavor or choice is more on the green side of things…. hopefully you got that….

I did some quick recording late one night (thanks switch to graveyard shift and three days off) and It records very well. Granted I could only do it direct into my iPad with Garageband so I didn’t wake everyone, but it still recorded well despite my set up. Live, WOW… I wasn’t fully sure what to expect since it’s been about a month between me getting the Archer and getting to play in a live setting. Hence it taking so long to publish this. Still cuts through the mix very well. Heck I left it on the whole night I played for 3 song church event just for the extra tones. Or tonez if you’re into that.

Anyway, if you’re on a sub $1300 overdrive budget, I’d recommend the Archer for all your mythical guitar needs. Hopefully one day I can get my hands on a Gold version to help give a better over view of the pedals as a set.