After a few months of not having a reverb, the Matthews Effects Astronomer was a welcomed addition when the owner, Rick, first announced it late last year. Even if you weren’t wondering why I didn’t have a reverb on my board, I’m going to tell you any way… I simply couldn’t find one that I liked and met my needs in my price range. At the time I couldn’t afford Strymon or Eventide Prices so I had a bout given up finding something and was about to settle on something. Don’t really remember what it was. As soon as the Astronomer was announced, I texted my wife and told her I finally found a reverb I liked after only hearing a 15 second Instagram demo.

What set it apart so much that I fell in love with it without playing it after 15 seconds? Two things: The shimmer and two presets. Yes I know RV-5s can have a mod done and Strymons have a favorite switch but a quality shimmer/modulation for $200? AND with two presets stock? You couldn’t beat that in my book.

Going from the Line 6 M series to this, there was an obvious tone quality difference. The big thing I need to mention is the way the shimmer/modulation is worked into the circuit. It’s not an ‘in your face’ shimmer like some reverbs can be. It’s very musically blended into, or under, you dry tone. Even with all the controls maxed, 100% wet, the Astronomer does not get muddy and still allows enough of your original signal through to allow you and the audience to be able to hear what your playing.

If you want a dual reverb or even just a very well done shimmer, I’d highly recommend the Astronomer over anything else I’ve tried. Even if you already have your favorite reverb, I’d bet it’d pair well with just about anything for some extra ambiance! Pick yours up at

Also, the version 1.5 is out now with more shimmer on tap.