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March 2016

My Nose Pedals Experience…

I had been debating on not posting this topic so I could keep a bad review off my site for as long as I could but I felt I needed to make people aware. I placed an order for a multi tap tempo switch on January 13th. The site stated that in stock items shipped withing 4 days and customs with in 7-10 days. I wasn’t sure which this fell under so I figured it would be about two weeks. Two weeks went by Continue reading “My Nose Pedals Experience…”


I don’t really have a halfway interesting backstory for this one…. So this will be more of a “how I use it” and over all opinion. All in all, I really just needed something that wasn’t a Tubescreamer. Plain and simple. I had two TS9s on my board and they kind of compressed each other out. So far The Archer has seemed to fix that. My gain section goes Boost > ’84 TS9 > Archer. I use the Archer as

Continue reading “J. Rockett ARCHER OVERDRIVE / BOOST (Silver)”

Matthews Effects Astronomer

After a few months of not having a reverb, the Matthews Effects Astronomer was a welcomed addition when the owner, Rick, first announced it late last year. Even if you weren’t wondering why I didn’t have a reverb on my board, I’m going to tell you any way… I simply couldn’t find one that I liked and met my needs Continue reading “Matthews Effects Astronomer”

Blog Update!

Just wanted to give a quick update for our normal followers: life’s been busy “adulting” at my big boy job and haven’t put out the reviews I’ve wanted to from January. So this next month you should see reviews of the Matthews Effects Astronomer, J. Rockett Archer, One Spot Pro, Nose Pedals, and Creation Music Company. We’ve got a trip planned Continue reading “Blog Update!”

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