Well, Kirk Hammet, guitarist for the band Metallica, went out on a limb made the statement that he thinks his pedal company is “the first time you’ll see a pedal company being driven by an actual guitar player.” on twitter this week. I haven’t met many pedal company owners but I’m pretty sure the ones I’ve made acquaintances with, play guitar. In fact, I’ve seen them play. I’d also bet that the first person who ever built a pedal and decided to brand it and market it was probably a guitar player thinking “what could make my guitar sound different” and tried a few things. Anyway, this statement has seemed to ‘ruffle the feathers’ of 75% of the pedal company owners I know. In a general sense, most have been kind about, others have been obviously very irritated by it, and rightly so. It’s quite a bold statement to make when there’s hundreds of pedal companies out there….

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