As a recent Strymon convert, let me start off saying for the LONGEST I had the mind set of many others of “avoiding Strymon because of the hype.” (sorry Strymon guys if you read this for “old me” being like that…) Also, to be honest, they’re expensive for effects pedals.

So now let me try to convince you other wise. Let’s take the subject of delays for this with a backstory of my personal history of delays: Line 6 Echo parks(yes plural), Line 6 M Series, Korg SDD-3000 pedal version, Donner Yellow Fall analog delay, tried a Strymon Timeline, and currently, the Strymon Dig. As you see, I’ve tried to upgrade with every delay.

About a year ago, I walked into Guitar Center to pick my first quality delay. Choices were a used Timeline and a SDD-3000. Long story short, after about 20 minutes I picked the SDD on bias (HUGE U2 fan) and now regret not going with the Timeline. If you want to know more about that, I’ll do a review of the SDD eventually.

Fast forward to now, I became unhappy with my choice and began looking for a different delay. I knew I wanted to go Strymon. I figured, if I spent $400 on a delay that was “supposed” to be good but didn’t have the hype, then why not try a brand that makes a $450 delay that has a ton of hype. I walked into Martin Music in Memphis, TN, and asked to try a Dig, and continued to sit at an AC30 with a Strat. I had previously read the entire manual so tweaking knobs and adjusting secondary functions wasn’t an issue. The main knobs and switches were pretty straight forward so finding settings quickly were easy.

The Dig itself is really solid in construction and tones. After switching the SDD out with the Dig, I noticed the tone differences and the Dig’s clarity with the first note! The delays were so smooth and clear, I probably sat at home and played with the Dig a good hour before actually practicing what I needed to. The switches on the Dig adjust mod depth and repeat clarity. I like to run mine with both switches in the middle position.

In a live situation, the repeats really cut through the mix. The Deep Mod setting is good for adding a little depth to swells and ambient playing styles. It paired really nice with the shimmer of the Matthews Effects Astronomer. So far Its played nice with my other pedals and the audio is so clear that it doesn’t get muddy like other delays I’ve used.

If I had to rate it based on my other experiences, Id give it a 9.5 out of 10 for being easy to use, clear sound, extra controls that other digital delays don’t have, two presets(enough for me), stereo in and out, and being able to use a external tap or favorite switch or expression pedal. I’d personally love to maybe see a version two or three ship with a tap tempo jack or something to maybe avoid modifications to use both a tap and favorite switch. That’s really my only complaint and probably just a very personal opinion though. Hence the rating. So don’t let that stop you. Its so simple changing settings between songs I almost don’t need two presets but, it’s easier to just use a switch.

I’d highly recommend the Dig to anyone looking for a simple stereo delay that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of a Timeline or similar delay unit. Well worth the money and lives up to the brand hype that Strymon is famous for. It’s the first of a few Strymon’s I’ll probably end up with.