Strings. Strings to guitarists are either the one of the least thought about tone element, or it’s one of the many key parts that make your tone, yours. Over the years I’ve used many strings from Boomers to Rotosounds. I used to be dead set on D’addarios for most of my guitars and Rotosounds for my Stratocasters. I first learned of Gear Supply Co back in February or March of 2015 while trying to find monthly subscription boxes geared towards musicians. I toyed around with the idea of signing up for a few months and finally just ordered a set of strings to try out.

I first tried them out on a Telecaster Deluxe that I had actually just changed the stings on so I could compare the two. And all I’ve got to say is WOW! I was impressed from the first chord! The GSC strings were much clearer, Felt like there was better attack, and last a bit longer than other pairs I tried. I found this out the hard way that while the GSC strings were still going strong, the old strings another set up and died a week after being put on. It was at this point I decided to sign up for a Subscription.

As for the other products they offer, I have the key chain pic holder, picks, strap locks, and a strap. All of which have been very good quality. The key chain has held up pretty well after a month of use in like other pick holders that will fall apart because of the cheap materials. People have said it could stop a bullet… or at least a knife… maybe! It’s thick leather so I see it lasting a while. The picks last until you lose them. The strap locks have held a heavy bass on the strap buttons, and the strap is super solid canvas and leather(also the thick kind). I haven’t gotten a chance to try out their cable yet but I’ve heard good things and hope to try them in the near future.

I met Josh, the owner, at summer NAMM 2015 and got the chance to talk to him a bit about the company. Josh seems like a cool guy and though I thankfully haven’t had to deal with the customer service side of things, I’ve seen how he handles things on multiple public forums. If something goes wrong with a product, he’ll do what he can to make it right.

So in conclusion, If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for a subscription, do your tone a favor and a least get a set of strings to try out before signing up. But I can guarantee that you’ll like them! Sign up at!

MAY 2016 UPDATE! I recently tried out a set of acoustic strings and they feel really nice and have a very clear tone. I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking for new strings to try!