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February 2016

Oh Snap! Shots fired! Kirk Hammett….

Well, Kirk Hammet, guitarist for the band Metallica, went out on a limb made the statement that he thinks his pedal company is “the first time you’ll see a pedal company being driven by an actual guitar player.” on twitter this week. I haven’t met many pedal company owners but I’m pretty sure the ones I’ve made acquaintances with, play guitar. In fact, I’ve seen them play. I’d also bet that the first person who Continue reading “Oh Snap! Shots fired! Kirk Hammett….”


Strymon DIG Dual Delay

As a recent Strymon convert, let me start off saying for the LONGEST I had the mind set of many others of “avoiding Strymon because of the hype.” (sorry Strymon guys if you read this for “old me” being like that…) Also, to be honest, they’re expensive for effects pedals.

So now let me try to convince you other wise. Let’s take the subject of delays for this with a backstory of my personal history of delays: Continue reading “Strymon DIG Dual Delay”

Gear Supply Co. Review

Strings. Strings to guitarists are either the one of the least thought about tone element, or it’s one of the many key parts that make your tone, yours. Over the years I’ve used many strings from Boomers to Rotosounds. I used to be dead set on D’addarios for most of my guitars and Rotosounds for my Stratocasters. I first learned of Gear Supply Co back in February or March of 2015 while trying to find monthly subscription boxes geared towards musicians. I toyed around with the idea of signing up for a few months and finally just ordered a set of strings to try out. Continue reading “Gear Supply Co. Review”

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