This last week has certainly been an interesting on for me in the world of gear. I really don’t think I’ve done this flipping/selling/trading/buying/whatever since I’ve been playing guitar.

Saturday or Sunday my favorite Guitar Shop in town, Revolve Music Shop, got in a ’76 Gibson Explorer Reissue and posted it on Craigslist. Natural Finish of course! I knew I had to get it because lets face it, it’ll be a while before I get my hands on a real 1976.  At the time I owned a Black Explorer that I just wasn’t fond of. Finger prints would show no matter what and the owner before me mush have sweat radio-active acid because there were finger/arm marks that just wouldn’t come out…. Anyway, bright and early Monday morning I traded that and my Fender Telecaster Deluxe to be able to walk away with the guitar, a pedal, pickup swap labor, capo, and still had store credit left over.


The pedal I walked away with was a late 80’s Boss DC-2. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an interesting little no knob, push button chorus pedal. I haven’t gotten much time with it, but one of the other guitarists is used it this weekend and supposedly it sounds amazing. So I guess it’s going on my board!


Friday I picked up a Strymon Dig and Truetone 1spot Pro from another shop here in Memphis called Martin Music since I began to not get along with my Korg SDD-3000 and ran out of room on my PP2+ power supply and Strymon’s supply doesn’t come out till summer :/ Anyway, So far I’ve really “Dug” the delay so far. Very clear delay. I really don’t know why I didn’t just pull the trigger sooner… And as long as the 1spot pro behaves, I’m sure we’ll get along well. I’ll do a more in depth review once I use them in a live setting in February.


Also Friday, my Matthews Effects Astronomer reverb showed up! Also a full review coming soon(ish) also. It is a two preset reverb with a shimmer effect that can be added behind the reverb as to not mud up whats being played. Even at 100% wet and Shimmer, notes were still distinguishable.


I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you’ll come back for the in depth reviews of the gear I’ve acquired!