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January 2016

NGW: New Gear Week

This last week has certainly been an interesting on for me in the world of gear. I really don’t think I’ve done this flipping/selling/trading/buying/whatever since I’ve been playing guitar.

Saturday or Sunday my favorite Guitar Shop in town, Revolve Music Shop, got in a ’76 Gibson Explorer Reissue and posted it on Craigslist. Natural Finish of course! I knew I had to get it because lets face it, it’ll be a while before I get my hands on a real 1976.  At the time I owned a Black Explorer that I just Continue reading “NGW: New Gear Week”

Social Media Outlets and Contact

Just wanted to give you guys links to the other outlets I post on:







If you’re reading this, you’re probably here for gear. But first, a little back story. My roots have been in geekdom much longer. My favorite movie series is Lord of the Rings and favorite character is Aragorn, King of Gondor. Now that you know that bit about me, that is where my nickname for my channels comes from.

My name is Chris Carter. I’ve grown up in Memphis, TN and come from a somewhat musical family so music has always been around me my whole life. My main instrument is the guitar which I’ve been playing going on 10 years and still learning new things everyday. I also have a history with piano, organ, and trumpet. I dont get as much time as I’d like with the others but that may soon change once I get my “home studio” up and running.

Currently my main outlet for all things music related at the moment is Highpoint Church ( here in Memphis. I mostly run the lighting for some of their services, fill in on FOH sound, and occasionally play in the 20 Somethings group band. I have had formal training in lighting and sound from my father who was basically in the industry as a media director for a past church so it’s fun to get into those realms again. I’m hoping to take that and put it to good use doing gear demos, expressing my music in recording, and help out some friends and their bands putting demos together.

That brings me to my ultimate goal for this corner of the interwebs, GEAR. My goal for the year is to bring good quality content of gear reviews and/or demos as my budget allows. Or if i have time to make it down to the local music store to try something out, which is usually pretty often.


So for now, reviews and demos will be of gear that I have on hand. As I grow hopefully I can start doing reviews of more products. So thanks for checking me out, hope to see you back as content becomes available!

God Bless



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